Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin: As with all new healthcare or fitness regimens- please consult your healthcare provider before starting a new program, especially in pregnancy and recently postpartum.

Do I have to be a yoga teacher or fitness professional to access the videos?
No, anyone may subscribe or purchase. We know moms and birth-givers have benefited from enjoying classes at home and on-the-go; plus gaining a better understanding of 'why' and 'how' we offer the practice in the Teacher Tools category.

What makes Sweet Momma Yoga's prenatal and postnatal yoga membership different than what is on YouTube?
Sweet Momma Yoga is mindfully designed for the yoga teacher to be skillful, intelligent, and thoughtful in creating yoga practices honoring the ancient wisdom for modern mothers. I speak to the yoga teacher in Teacher Tools and Teacher Training as it is evident in our society by the request of mothers for our guidance. 

Classes are perfect for moms and yoga teachers to participate to listen and feel how these practices are guided with pregnancy and postpartum life in mind.

What is included in my Month to Month or Yearly subscription?

Both start with a FREE 7-Day Trial! 

    + Locked in membership rate for duration of active membership.

    + Unlimited access to all individual prenatal and postnatal yoga Classes and Teacher Tools.

    + Exclusive invitation to Sweet Momma Yoga's private community on Facebook.

    + Stream ad-free!

    + Classes include Spotify playlists and outline.

    + New content updated monthly.

    + Once signed in you will automatically be guided to All Videos library each time you log on. You will likely no longer see the main page. 

    Teacher Training and video series are separate purchases and non-refundable. To purchase - click 'Get Access Now' on the video player of your selected series (in Classes) or program (in Teacher Training).

    What is the difference between Month to Month and Yearly subscriptions?
    Get 3 months FREE (about 30% in savings) with the Yearly subscription, compared to Month to Month. Yearly will be billed once a year and Month to Month will be billed monthly. Both have the same access as described above.

    How do I start?
    Once you sign up for your FREE trial you will automatically be guided to open your account to view your access. You will also receive a couple emails with login information and confirmation of purchase. Then you will receive a personal email from me ( with guidance to getting started, and an invitation to my private Facebook group.

    How do I update my credit card information?
    Once signed in click on 'Manage Account.' In the 'Billing' tab select "use another credit card.' Once the new card is added, select "remove card' from the one you no longer wish to use.

    How do I cancel my subscription?
    You may cancel your subscription anytime. Once signed in click on 'Manage Account.' In the 'Billing' tab select 'Change Plan' then select 'Cancel Membership.' You will have access to your videos through the end of your billing cycle. Your membership will not renew.

    How long will I have access to my videos and content?
    With a subscription (monthly, yearly, or SMY Teacher Advantage) you will have access to Classes and Teacher Tools as long as your subscription is active. 

    Rentals will remain active for the allotted time indicated when renting. (Be sure to download and save materials from the 'Resources' section before expiry.)

    Who is Sweet Momma Yoga / Elise Bowerman?
    Sweet Momma, Elise Bowerman, is a mother and leading voice in the yoga industry promoting the care of mom and birth-giver. Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes need to be offered consistently as this phase of life is delicate not only for mom, but for baby(ies) and the rest of the family. We are a community (kula). It starts with yoga for the family... and we begin with the birth-giver.

    Elise's personal yoga study began in 1999. In her senior thesis at Eastern Michigan University she researched the benefits practicing yoga may have and has for dancers, including her own experience. Her yogic lineage begins with Linda Makowski (formerly at Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak, MI) for 200hr and 300hr TT, 2007/2008 and 2015/2016. Prenatal Yoga TT guided by Laurel Hicks, PhD of Mindful Mamas in 2014. 

    Through the years Elise's main yoga and movement teachers include Valerie Weir, Nancy McCaochan, Katherine Schaefer, Rhonda Pretzlaff Diegel, Doug Keller, and most recently Amy Mathews.

    Elise also holds a deep interest in prenatal bonding and discoveries from The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH).

    May I sell or share the videos or resources?
    No. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials within the Sweet Momma Yoga subscription and digital products are for you to use personally or professionally in a non-commercial way. Meaning you may not sell, reproduce, modify the contents to resell in your own business in any manner. If you are found to be copying, reselling, or distributing the ideas or teachings within Sweet Momma Yoga intellectual property (i.e. sharing login with friends, using content for your teacher trainings, etc.) we reserve the right to cease you access immediately.