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Prenatal Yoga 'Within' Series

Elise Bowerman, renown birth and yoga educator, created the Prenatal Yoga 'Within' Series to

uncover your strength within and give yourself the ultimate preparation for childbirth.


Get all 14 prenatal yoga classes with several bonus items included!

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Ultimate Preparation for Birth

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, the 'Within' Series will help you feel great in your body and mind to be best prepared for your birthing experience.


Over 1,500 moms already helped!

Manage Pain Better

Learn how to overcome the pain in childbirth with a greater connection to your mind and body with guided meditations, movement, and breathing exercises.

Faster Recovery

Yoga instruction focused on core health will aid your body to recover more quickly after birth.

Prevent Stretch Marks and Tearing

This yoga series will help your body better respond to pregnancy and the birthing process to prevent stretch marks and vaginal tearing.

Gain Calming Focus

Through guided breathing techniques discover how to keep your body and mind calm with focus before, during, and after your child's birth.

14 Prenatal Yoga Classes and Several Bonus Items for Only $37 (Normally $89!)

Participate with a free sample video from my Prenatal Yoga 'Within' Series to prepare your core and pelvic floor for childbirth.


  • Great for moms at every stage of pregnancy, from the first month to birth.

  • Perfect place to start if you are new to yoga.

  • Beneficial for the beginner to the intermediate yogini.

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What mommas are saying:

The experience you have with Elise's instruction is second to none. She always makes sure you feel comfortable and are practicing safely. She takes care of your mind as much as your body and she exudes positivity and acceptance. Taking yoga with Elise as your guide is a life changing experience!

Jen J. (mom of two)


So much more than yoga! Elise is a fabulous yoga instructor who helps you prepare for childbirth both physically and mentally. Her lessons from class and the support I received after having my baby helped me through a difficult time when my birth story didn't play out as I had imagined. Can't say enough wonderful things about Elise!

Rachel D. (mom of two)

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I’ve participated in Sweet Momma Yoga during both of my pregnancies and have benefited each time. I got more out of Sweet Momma Yoga than I ever expected, benefiting both my pregnancy and birthing experiences. I would recommend them to any expecting momma!

Deirdre L. (mom of two)

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14 Prenatal Yoga Classes in the 'Within' Series

My class series includes everything you need to go at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home to better prepare for childbirth. In addition to getting instant access to all 14 classes, you'll also get an outline of every class in a PDF, my custom Spotify playlists, and a whole bunch more bonuses listed below!


Get Everything Now for Only $37 (Normally $89)


Be sure to checkout all the bonus items also included below the class list!


Get My Ultimate Birth Prep Kit

However you envision your birth experience, you'll be prepared with options that best fit you.


  • What to pack in your birth bag

  • Non-medicated Birth Plan

  • Medicated Birth Plan

  • Cesarean Section Birth Plan


Get Everything Now for Only $37 (Normally $89)


Get Access to My Private Facebook Group for Moms

Connect with hundreds of like-minded women who are growing their families the same time as you!


  • Ask questions and get advice fast.

  • Receive emotional support from moms who've been there. (Go ahead and vent.)

  • Get resources to help motherhood be smoother with provider and product recommendations.


Get Everything Now for Only $37 (Normally $89)

Even More Bonuses!

Be Informed and Save Time Searching for These Great Resources

I've put together a bundle of resources my mom's rave about, and you get it all included for free!


  • Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations

  • List of Prenatal Book and Documentary Recommendations

  • List of Childbirth Quick Facts

  • Learn the difference between an OB/GYN, Midwife, and Birth Doula


Get Everything Now for Only $37 (Normally $89)

Elise Bowerman, Teacher

Elise founded Michigan's first Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training School and continues to stay committed to understanding all aspects of pregnancy from movement, to nutrition, to mental health, and everything in between. Elise has helped over 1,500 women get prepared for childbirth with a strong mind and body. She is dedicated to bringing you all her knowledge and experience so that you may benefit from the comfort of your home.


Uncover the strength within you and be better prepared today for only $37

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This was my first time taking yoga! Elise very knowledgeable and helped me so much with understanding the power of being graceful with myself while pregnant. I learned the power of breathing and being in touch with the sensations of my body. I would highly recommend!

<p><span style="color: #b9943a;">Alandra C.</span></p>,

Alandra C.